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The Legend of the Nahuala



“We want the world to see the customs and culture of Mexico and an important part is the Day of the Dead . We remember the death with a party, it is a great tradition and we wanted to reflect in this film, “said the producer .
Producers expect to be well received abroad.
poster_grandeThe film takes in its cast Luna Arjona, Bruno Coronel, Mauricio Roldán, Teresa Cordeiro, Jorge Alberto Aguilera, Pierre Angelo, Ginny Hoffman, and Yamil Atala. . The leader of this project is Ricardo Arnaiz , a former student at the Universidad Iberoamericana Puebla. Along with some of his colleagues did this film hundred percent Mexican .
The Legend Of the Nahuala
The display runs the year 1807 in the city of Puebla de Los Angeles , New Spain . Leo San Juan , an insecure child of nine years old, lives forever scared by the horror stories that Nando tells . Nando is his older brother, and within these stories is The Legend of the Nahuala , according to which an old abandoned house is possessed by the spirit of an evil witch known as The Nahuala . According to the story, she is waiting for an innocent soul to resurrect and get absolute power child. Legend becomes reality when the spirit of The Nahuala kidnaps Nando in the eyes terrified Leo.

The little boy is forced to overcome his fears to rescue his brother and his tour inside the haunted house, “Leo” is facing dangers and supernatural beings, as part of an adventure without end. The public discovered, then, that not everything is as it seems and that inside the house terrible past events that seriously endanger not only the life of Leo and Nando , but the entire city of Puebla hide . Another important character in the plot is Xochitl ( Martha Higareda voice ) . It is the spirit of an Indian girl who lived in and 1755, year in which he was the victim of The Nahuala who posed as a cook in the house .

Since then his spirit escaped the power of The Nahuala and wanders the receipt of the property. Xochitl is a sweet and intelligent girl , so becomes friends with Leo to rescue Nando . Don Andrés (voice of Andrés Bustamante ) is a crazy Spanish ghost inhabiting the interior of a medieval armor decorating the library property.
A group of diners was bewitched by a stew prepared The Nahuala to turn each into hungry skulls , who for the day when Leo comes into the house, leading to 52 years without dinner.



The product is not Spell The Nahuala , for it came in the armor when Villavicencio, the owners of the house, this piece family were brought from Spain . ” Don Andrés ” a gentleman capable of fighting giants, dragons , lions and other beasts think. For his skinny figure and elderly poses no threat to anyone, but he is convinced he can save the world from any ferocious monster . Show goes back to characters in “Don Quixote .” “Mr. Villavicencio ” ( Voice of Manuel ” El Loco” Valdés ) is the owner of the house, leading a group of aristocrats poblanos , who met for dinner on the eve of the Day of the Dead in 1755 without knowing what to expect .


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